Fax, SMS & more for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino

The efficiency of isolated communication channels, such as e-mail, phone, SMS and fax are in need to be increased in order to match the high standards of the modern business world. Running a fax environment generates significant costs and using different media channels for communication raises those costs even more. The need to comply with governmental requirements puts even more pressure to the topic. Now what? You can lower the costs of your messaging environment while increasing your employees‘ productivity.

Charon is a module based and scalable Unified Messaging platform for Lotus Notes and Domino environments. It enables the users to send and receive faxes as easy as e-mails - directly at their computers. Add-on modules extend the functionality of the basis fax gateway solution.

Fax and more for...
  1. Lotus Notes applications: Lotus Notes Client and web-based applications
  2. Desktop applications such as Microsoft Office, SmartSuite, OpenOffice
  3. Any other application over ASCII or PCL files (e.g. ERP systems)
Charon features;
  • Sending fax and text messages via Lotus Notes mail
  • Sending fax messages from desktop applications via print funktion
  • Receive incoming faxes directly into the mailbox
  • Encrypted delivery of incoming confidential faxes
  • Conversion of messages and attachments into PDF documents
  • Flexible, centralized configuration and monitoring
  • Add-on modules for fax-on-demand and mass dispatch
  • find out more in the detailed feature list

Why Unified Messaging?
  • Boost employee accessibility
  • Avoid changes in format (electronic to paper and back)
  • Efficiently create and handle messages
  • Time saving and user friendly
  • No additional costs for fax devices and materials
  • Reduce costs with time-shifted dispatch

Why Charon?
Popular choice:
    • More than 3.000 satisfied customers
    • Available for more than 20 years
Scalability & performance:
    • IBM Lotus Domino server task
    • Supports multi-channel and virtual fax boards (XCAPI)
    • Lotus Domino as cost effective fax server, no additional gateways needed
Stable, flexible, modular:
    • Simple configuration and management
    • Full Notes and Domino integration,
    • easy customization using Domino Designer
    • Powerful access management using Domino Directory groups