Fast, cost efficient & magical IBM Notes Client Management

Know your audience - audit & analyze your Notes client
Automate client setup & troubleshooting with SmartRepair
Facilitate server & domain consolidation
Support & maintain roaming users
Enable change management & monitoring

The daily administration of IBM Notes workstations is one of the most time consuming and complex tasks in IBM Notes and Domino environments. Organizational changes such as mergers or acquisitions entail additional challenges. Administrators looking for an efficient process to manage their daily Notes client management tasks and also support infrastructure projects will find the perfect solution in ClientGenie.

With ClientGenie, organizations can reduce the total cost of ownership for their IBM Notes and Domino infrastructure, enhance the productivity of their end users and lower help desk call volume for client configuration issues. ClientGenie is a comprehensive and feature-rich IBM Notes client administration solution that is simple to install and use. Key capabilities of ClientGenie include:

Support for Domino project changes:Daily Notes Client Administration:
  • Automate domain consolidations, migrations, server relocation and recertifications
  • Speed up Notes client release updates
  • Support database roll-out to users' desktops
  • Audit your Notes client environment
  • Automate initial setup of Notes clients
  • Define and deploy standard client profiles
  • Carry out & monitor changes to client configuration
  • Setup, maintain and support roaming and mobile users
  • Manage all elements of the users workspace -
    database icons, replication page, connection documents and more...

Watch screen demo - Home server relocation without any user interaction
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Extensive Client Management & Analysis
ClientGenie enables administrators of IBM Notes Environments to view the workspaces of all their clients, databases installed locally, access rights and the bookmarks created. One can even control the workspace of every single client and carry out activities like deleting unnecessary elements from the desktops, including icons, bookmarks and documents. In this way the administrator can create a unified workspace for all clients centrally.

Automatic Client Setup & SmartRepair
Set-up for a new client can be done centrally by the administrator. No configuration at the clients’ desktop is required. For any issues with the administration, BCC invented the SmartRepair solution to automatically repair the defective workspaces and prevent the deletion or changes to local databases, server databases or documents by the users. It also restores all DB icons, local replicas and the complete client configuration in the event of a crash or a change of the workplace.

Easy Server & Domain Consolidation
The migration to new servers and domains can be controlled centrally for all clients. The administrators can change the settings for all clients with one click. It is not necessary to manually migrate each individual client.

Change Management & Monitoring
ClientGenie updates users’ desktops based on configuration documents in a central control database. One can change, add or edit desktop items such as location or connection documents, icons, bookmarks, replicator page entries and other client attributes. Intelligent application design allows for the execution of conditional changes. The update process is tracked for reporting or troubleshooting and detailed reports about updated configurations for each user is provided.

Support of Roaming Users
ClientGenie provides a combination of database- and file-based roaming. Users can log into any workstation with their own ID and password and have access to their complete workspace including files like emails, bookmarks or address book. Additionally, Eclipse settings can also be roamed. When users log in to a new machine for the first time, only their password is needed and the client will be completely configured.
ClientGenie - reliable, versatile and & highly efficient
The solution proved it's worth in daily use for more than 550,000 users, and has been validated as "Ready for IBM Lotus Software" by IBM since 2005, an official offering through which selected IBM Business Partner products were tested and validated for ease of integration with IBM Lotus software. This validation became "Ready for Social Business" in 2013. This means, that our solution meets or exceeds IBM compatibility criteria with one or more of the IBM Social Business products.

BCC‘s solutions family
BCC‘s proven experience in administration processes builds the foundation for a complete process oriented management system that will control, automate and manage all aspects of a Domino administration. ClientGenie can easily be integrated with all other products of BCC such as AdminTool, MailProtect or DominoProtect. AdminSuite as a set of all BCC products provides the complete start-to-end life cycle and management of a Notes user.