March 20, 2008

Why wait? Administer your Notes Clients centrally with BCC_ClientGenie Release 4.1 today!

Do you need to ...
  • centrally manage desktops, bookmarks, replicas, notes.ini files, location and connection documents?
  • automate domain migrations, server relocation and recertifications?
  • better support your mobile / roaming users?
BCC_ClientGenie is one of the leading Client Management tool, which enables you to get a grip on the Notes Clients of your organization without any user interaction. In December 2007 BCC presented the new release of this tool, which was originally developed by ICODEX (a subsidiary company of BCC since June 2007), and it was a great success. Several reputable companies decided in favor of BCC_ClientGenie recently, totaling to more than 165,000 new users. With the new release more new features are added to those which have been provided with release 4.0 already.

Easy Implementation and upgrade
The new enhanced Client Installer enables an easy initialization and implementation of a sophisticated Notes Client Management. Customer who have older versions of ClientGenie or Integrate!People implemented are now able to easily participate in new functions and enhancements . The new upgrade routine simplifies the upgrade installation significantly.

Enhanced Notes user experience
More options for users who want to use the original Lotus Notes login dialog are now available. The familiar sophisticated central governing of Notes Client configuration
is now available with the original login dialog. With its transparent integration and full support of all standard password functions BCC_ClientGenie 4.1 reduces the potential user impact. Users of BCC_ClientGenie 4.1 are now able to choose between an advanced user experience or a standard Notes Client experience.

Also new in BCC_ClientGenie 4.1
Thanks to the feedback of our customers BCC provides enhancements in user interface as well as fixes for different issues which existed since 3.x releases. Furthermore the configuration logging has been extended which allows monitoring configuration changes in a more efficient way. BCC_ClientGenie 4.1 is available for the IBM Lotus Notes 8.0.1 Client, both for the Basic and Eclipse version.

BCC_ClientGenie 4.1 download
BCC_ClientGenie 4.1 is available to all customers with an active maintenance contract. Please consider that you will need a new licence file for an upgrade to the new release. BCC_ClientGenie 4.1 installation files are available within BCC's download area, prospects are invited to register for the download here. Please contact our sales team for questions regarding the licensing or in case you are already registered for BCC's download area, call +49 6103 90060 or send us an e-mail to In order to create a trial licence, we will need the information about the amount of users and the certifier of your organization ( /Company).

Preview of BCC_ClientGenie 5.0
Further development goes on and the upcoming release 5.0 will be available in the middle of 2008. In addition to the already announced integration with other BCC's tools there will be several new features. Here is a sneak preview of the new release:

SAVE: Management and compression of file attachments (integration with BCC_Zip): save network bandwidth costs and disk space!

SECURE: Protection of Client elements from unintentional or malicious manipulations: by preventing for example the creation of a replica, deletion of a database or changes to defined configuration documents!

AUTOMATE: Local data base management: central control of templates, encryption, indexing, compression etc..